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Products overview

Navigate to products

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Log in to your HaydiGO account.

Within your portal, navigate on the left to all products

Products overview

products overview

The overview shows all products that have been imported into HaydiGO. You can also filter products based on product lists. A user can be separated from product lists. To do this, manage the user and limit him to certain product lists. In the roles you can give the user permission to certain options.

Select columns

It is possible to set and adjust your columns yourself with the list of attributes. Pressing the “columns” button opens a menu with attributes. Drag the desired attribute to the right and save it.


In the overview you have the option to filter. If you click on “filter products”, you will see options from which you can choose to filter. Is it an important search? Then you can save the filter and give it a name. Then it will appear at the top of the menu and you can immediately apply your saved filter again.